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Welcome everyone, as Christ welcomed you, to the Glory of God.

For 150 years St Paul’s has been at the heart of the community of New Beckenham.

This virtual exhibition tells just some of the stories of our faith, people and buildings over that time. 

Each month we are adding one storyline based around a prominent feature of the church building, but linking it to our people and our faith. By the end of 2022 we will have eight stories on permanent display.

They can be accessed in church by clicking on the QR codes in the information panels or via our website

They are not an all embracing history, but will give visitors (on-line or to the building) a feel for this holy place and its people.

Our God is unchanging in his love - but over the years our people, worship styles and building have changed – and will continue to do so as we look to the future.


Our Stories
  • Enter This Holy Place

  • In the Beginning – Our Unusual Font

  • The Victorian Pews – Legacy or Limitation

  • Early Characters – The Hortons and World War1

  • Not the ‘On Fire’ We Wanted – World War 2

  • Worship Is Ever Changing – But the Organ Plays On

  • The Word of God in Glass, Murals and Pulpit

  • Halls and Community


If you would like to comment on, or contribute to, Stories of St Paul's then email to

St Paul's Church, Brackley Road Road, Beckenham, BR3 1TP

0208 650 0501

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